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Review: 'Cabinet of Millionaires'

-  Label: 'Chocolate Fireguard Records'
-  Genre: 'Soul' -  Release Date: '25th January 2019'

Our Rating:
Yes, it’s political – and why not?

Cabinet of Millionaires’ new single features Pat Fulgoni on vocals and was produced by Steve Whitfield, who having worked with The Cure, The Mission, Terrorvision, and Klammer, has strong ties to both goth and Yorkshire. This ain’t goth, and you’d never know just by listening that Fulgoni had spent his adult life in Huddersfield: his rich, gritty, soulful vocal transcends location. Over a deep, funky groove, he calls out May and her strong and stable government on the ever-widening social divisions their policies have created.

The message isn’t new – in fact, it’s a depressingly well-worn theme – but when the masses are too downtrodden, to busy eking an existence or otherwise on the streets, voices of protest need to be heard. And Fulgoni’s vocal is wicked.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Cabinet of Millionaires - Theresa