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Review: 'Downcast'
'Downcast (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '11th January 2019'

Our Rating:
A strange sense of deva-vu… really, I’m sure I’ve heard this all before. More times than I could even begin to count. The cover art’s pretty nifty, and the production is crisp, polished to radio-friendly-perfection, as are the harmonies, and there’s not a lot wrong with this... but there’s nothing especially right about the five ultra-bland, bollock-numbingly predictable emo-tinged punky pop songs that comprise this EP either. How are there still new bands emerging who are still regurgitating this same old tepid toss after so long?

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Downcast - Downcast (EP)