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Review: 'MIS+RESS'

-  Label: 'Sound In Silence'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '10th April 2019'

Our Rating:
Finding adjectives to describe instrumental tracks is as challenging as naming the actual 'songs'.

MIS+RESS, aka New Jersey's Brian Wenckebach, is pretty good at the latter. My top three favourite titles, out of eight, are In Cases Of Bewitchment,High-Functioning Sleepwalker and She Trembles As She Paints.

My list of words to describe the sonic delights would include squelchy, chilled, luminous, floaty and, with no claims to originality, dreamy.

No tune outstays its welcome with none surpassing the 4 minutes 18 seconds of Diet Butcher.

With delayed guitar and selective reverb, the 27 minutes glides by in the pleasing manner of background music that makes no obvious attempt to engage with the foreground. Now that's what I call Ambient.

Hear 'Dispellers' on Bandcamp
  author: Martin Raybould

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MIS+RESS - Dispellers