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Review: 'Victoria, Laura'
'Todays Another Day'   

-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '21st June 2019'

Our Rating:
Her Facebook page describes her music as ‘Pop Folk with a Country twist...’, and ‘Today’s Another Day’ is the flame-haired songstress’ second album, following up on 2015’s ‘Head Above Water’ with a set of 10 acoustic-based songs. Despite the superficially sparse sound, there are layers and details in the arrangements.

Drums, bass, flute, cello, and a host of incidentals accompany acoustic guitar and banjo, but everything is subtle, and leaves space for Laura’s voice to take centre stage for the most part. Hers is a quirky stop / start style, and she’s given to soaring off skywards quite unpredictably. Lead single ‘I Don’t Want to Wear Black’ finds her alternately crooning and brooding, and skipping and whooping for forge three minutes of pristine but quirky pop.

Quirky is a real signature of her style, and for all the folk and country elements, the programmed drums give something of a lo-fi indie twist while throwing some more disco shapes – but in contrast, ‘I’m Believing Now’ is a straight piano ballad with no twists, and no surprises, and yet it works well.

While ‘nice’ may connote bland, Laura Victoria has enough quirk and charisma to present an album that’s nice, but also distinctive.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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Victoria, Laura - Todays Another Day