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Review: 'Rose Ette'
'Ignore The Feeling'   

-  Label: 'Miss Champagne'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '5.10.18.'-  Catalogue No: 'MC016'

Our Rating:
It seems appropriate that this review was written while trying out my first pair of trifocal glasses as the room going in and out of focus works well with dreamy gauzey out of focus indie pop that is Rose Ette's style.

This album showed up without a press release or even a web address on the cover of the album as they so want the vinyl to look like it's from 1986 the early years of my Gigaholia in London. I wrote the main part of this review before searching out any info on the band and started off worried that they were called Rosette and were going to be a bunch of 3-day eventers turned country pop band. Before wondering if Rose Ette was some eastern European wastrel turned agit prop artist only to find they come from Houston Texas and obsessed by C86 and all that stuff from my youth.

The A Side opens with All The Way which is a dreamy gauzey song in which Rose if that's the singers name (actually Teresa Vicinanza), tells us she goes up down and all the way and yes that's exactly what we want to be hearing as the lyrics remind me of Baby What You Want Me To Do a song I first heard in about 1986 by John Cale but this song has a nicely persistent guitar line to go up down and all the way too.

Skin is nice and pretty dream pop perfect for a summer's day laid back watching the trees shimmer while sounding like something off of The Soup Dragons Hang Ten ep but with less manic energy than they had live back then. Also of course this has a girl rather than Sean singing.

The albums title track Ignore The Feeling is exactly what Rose can't do over gentle pulsing dreamy indie that reminded me of Pierre Etoile as Teresa steps on the effects pedal to emphasise the feelings she has.

Mask is a breezy sparse song that has that doleful almost dour feeling that Tracey Thorn did so well on A Distant Shore,
The A-side closes with So Close a song about a one away lover, you know they're almost right but not quite and then just how that makes you feel as you realize the mistake you've made.

The B-side opens with Mirrors that sounds nothing like the Cleveland legends sadly but is more out of focus blurred around the edges dream pop about love not quite working out right as you look at hear and you see right through her at the same time.

Never Gonna Get It while not a straight cover or even really a cover at all of the En Vogue classic it certainly owes it a debt as it gets a makeover, a re-write and a re-imagining to turn into a twee fey indie mope of despair that you will never get it no way no how.

Awake is that late night blissed out booty call to come to bed but your far too awake to be thinking of sleeping and well just how much they are hoping it's going to happen.

Predator doesn't sound angry bitter or twisted like a song of that name might, instead it's more like she's welcomed the predator into her lair so she can tame him and they can dream away the days together prettily in the sun.

Find out more at https://www.roseette.com/
  author: simonovitch

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