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Review: 'Sunday Morning'

-  Label: 'Bronson Recordings'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '12.7.19.'-  Catalogue No: 'BRCD007'

Our Rating:
Four is of course the fourth album by Italian band Sunday Morning and the bands third since reforming in 2015. As part of the shows they have been playing ahead of the albums release they have recently supported The Dream Syndicate on part the that bands recent Italian tour a fact that will obviously make me want to compare them to other great Dream Syndicate support bands with Sunday in their name. As yes I did see Salvation Sunday support The Dream Syndicate at the only gig of theirs that ever had any violence in the audience caused by fans of the middle act that night Then Jericho not liking that bands reception. Oh and Sunday Morning in fact sound nothing like the glistening psychedelic pop of Salvation Sunday being more ruminative brooding and earnest than that.

So from the opening If I Go that's a slow rumble of a song that almost feels like something off of Ray Lamontagne's Trouble album. That leads into Broken Arms a nice almost poppy yet still quite dark tale of a sort that is more Lilac Time almost Prefab Sprout but still with a bit of edge to it.

Power grows and builds with a nice urgency to it. Dreamer however is a lighter's in the air ballad of love and lust and shows the hand of Daniel Lanois who Sunday Mornings main songwriter Andrea Cola worked with in New Orleans while writing this album. This will have many people swaying along to it.

Waste My Time slows things down further and is a pained song of regret about someone who they need to be out of their lives and to stop wasting their time.

Lovers & Tramps uses a very familiar almost military drum pattern to build an almost pained love song around it with some cool chiming guitars and a bit of begging for the love to continue before he decides to walk away.

May Your Heart is a downbeat song to sip your whiskey and drown your sorrows too when there's nothing you'd rather do and the strings are perfect for wiping away your tears.
Can't Stand Still sounds like it will really come to life live when the band can really let go a bit as this feels a touch restrained as he begs to be let go so they can both move on, it really needs to be belted screamed and shouted out.

We Were Wrong is a barely their whisper of regret for everything they have been wrong about as it's time to make up and move along, this has some lovely acoustic guitars.

The album closes with Prove It, no not that Prove It as it's not a fact but a nice slow goodbye as they wonder if you felt the same, well if you did your probably swaying along holding your loved one tight. While also wondering if every transgression you've been accused of can be proved or not.

If you like brooding Italian indie rock then find out more at www.bronsonrecordings.com www.wearesundaymorning.com
  author: simonovitch

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