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Review: 'The Derellas and Moto Vamp'
'Live at Rockaway Beach At The Hope & Anchor'   

-  Album: 'Islington.'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '26.7.19.'

Our Rating:
This is the first night of The Derellas current UK tour that I may end up seeing another two shows of and is at Rockaway Beach the club night run by Head Derella Timmy, so in more ways than one a home town start to the tour that includes a stop at Rebellion in Blackpool and shows with Walter Lure and Brian James.

First on are Moto Vamp who I've now seen at Rockaway Beach three times and like the other two shows this is equally entertaining as the band keep to their core Detroit garage slightly sleazy biker rock sound and open with Lily Marlene explaining what her Rules are as they rev up the engines and get ready to rip.

Next up was the title song of the new album Moto Vamp as all good bands like this need a theme song and this motors along at a fair crack with a tasty solo from Jared Fisher on lead guitar. Not sure if Lily was asking for volunteers or not on Love Slave but I'd guess there was one or two audience members who would have been happy to oblige, it was good and greasy.

Night Owl was dedicated to the audience, although it must be said these days things seem to end a lot earlier than they used too, still the room was full of Night Owls and we all rocked along with this. Hey Boy had the feel of a good Joan Jett meets The Stooges rumble and shout out to a certain kind of Boy.

They then introduced us to the bands very own dance Craze Do The Dish where we were all meant to dance like we were doing the dishes, no not bending over loading the dishwasher, but actually doing the dishes and a few of the fans down the front gave a good demonstration of the moves you need to Do The Dish. Then once you've dried up it will be time to Come On Strong but don't even think about it if you've not washed up first right they are not that kind of band. Either way this had a great Glam romp feel to it.

We may have all been rocking in a basement but what we really needed to do was Fall Into The Abyss that had great pounding drums from JD Kickdrum that seemed to be pushing us further into that pit. They then closed with what I guess was You Push Me Out that featured James Meynell trying to push his bass through the ceiling while Jared went nuts on his guitar it was a great way to close the set.

After some great tunes in the break from tonight's superstar DJ Tom Crossley of The Phobics and Snivelling Shits etc it was time for The Derellas to get as trashily glam with us as they possibly can and as usual they really Have Something To say about all sorts of things that really make more sense when the guitars are turned up loud and the band are right in our faces.

Still they seem to think this end of Upper Street is where you need to be if your Strung Out In Sin City and I don't think anyone in the Hope And Anchor would argue with that. Both Luca Derella and Timmy Derella are soon shouting She's A Pistol almost as much as Joe Derella is on lead vocals it's a real romp.

Just in time for the school holidays comes Kids Just Wanna Slam that does feature some audience dancing but no slamming that I could see. Still they got down and dirty at The Soho Hotel once more that had more than a few nods and winks in it.

As ever at Rockaway Beach it's a real Freakshow that felt like they were in a hurry to get really freaky. Of course, they needed to be playing us some Inner City Rock & Roll while being in the city. I think the next song they played was one of the new ones that I have down as Don't Go Baby that kept to the band's normal trashy glam formula nicely.

The bands own Rip it Up was next and they pretty much tore it up while everyone danced along in time for Joe to start telling us that He Can't Get You Out of My Head in the way that often happens and I'm sure some of the women up front were hoping he meant them as that fetching cow shirt he had on drove them wild.

High Rise Superstar was a sing along favorite that just flew by and then they got everyone grinning on Looking For You that really is one of there best songs. No idea what they closed the set with but by this point we were having more than enough fun not too care too much.

They didn't really leave the stage before coming back for an encore that started with a great romp through Fox On The Run that sounded great and properly trashily Glam and perfect for everyone to sing and dance along too. They then closed with a song my notes make no sense of at all but was certainly a good closing number to leave everyone happy and as ever they have left everyone smiling.
  author: simonovitch

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