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Review: 'Walter Lure and The Derellas'
'Live at the 100 Club London.'   

-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '10.8.18.'

Our Rating:
The first gig for me since getting back from Rebellion was two bands I saw at Rebellion and in the case of The Derellas this was the third show I've seen in 3 weeks which may be a little bit of overkill, but when they are part of a bill this good who cares, as this was a must see show for me and most of the sold out ram packed 100 club audience.

We arrived just before The Derellas came on to a good reception as they launched into Something To Say sounding the tightest they have of the three shows and not missing a beat before they were Strung Out In Sin City and working the crowd for everything they could with a good crunchy riff and Joey Derella spitting out the works as quick as he could like he'd done a gram too many of sulphate before coming on.

They weren't hanging around and Timmy Derella pumped at his bass like he needed it to defend himself as She's A Pistol blasted at us and got loads of people singing the chorus. Kids Just Want To Slam at least had some slamming room this time although this crowd seemed to either want to pogo or pole dance to it.

Timmy introduced Soho Hotel with some words about being back in London and they were only yards away from Soho this time, it went down great and Luca Derella's short solo really sealed the deal. Yes we really did want to be at a Freak Show and lots of the crowd were ready to get freaky to the Inner City Rock & Roll that was assaulting our ears in the best kind of way.

Joey may have spotted someone trying to leave so he just had to sing Don't Go baby Don't Go at her while Billy Chaos seemed to be getting faster and faster on the drums. They certainly were ready to Rip It Up and knew full well they couldn't get that girl dancing in front of Joey out of there heads or mine for that matter.

Yes they were down in a basement once more but they will always be Hi Rise Superstars playing foot stamping Glam Punk that's just Looking For You as you will end up dancing along to them in time for a closing romp through Slam Bam before they left us all wanting more they went down extremely well being near perfect to support for Walter as they have a good few times now.

Soon enough it was time for Walter to blast out another great set at the 100 club as he has done sporadically now for more than 40 years this time around his band features Mark Laff on drums, Nigel Mead on Bass and Mick Rossi on lead guitar. From the opening notes of One Track Mind the entire audience was ready to sing and dance along with them. Walter might have claimed he was All By Myself but in a club this packed that was hard to believe, but it sounded great as did the total shout along of I Wanna Be Loved as the club seemed to be bouncing along by this point.

Mick then sang a great version of Situations as things got tricky with John once more this sounded a lot tighter than at Rebellion and a little bit trickier on the solos too. They then played the opening song from the most Recent Waldos album Wacka Lacka Bop A Loom Bam Boo that came out last years and Crazy Kids sounds just like a classic Walter Lure song even if it was the only song of the set that didn't have a mass sing along to it.

Walter then did his best to remember what it was like to be broke with his cool version of I'm Busted that was a good bit punchier than the Ray Charles original. Mick Rossi then sang Stranded one of the songs he wrote for Slaughter & The Dogs and it sounded great done like this.

The place erupted for Pirate Love at times it was hard to hear the vocals over the crowd singing along. Then Walter introduced London Boys with a little story about how Johnny Thunders insisted they reply to the Sex Pistols New York in similar fashion and yes it still sounds glorious even with a London Boy in Mark Laff hammering it out on the drums.

You never know how ahead of the times you are and Walter had no idea that Get Off The Phone would prove a song that only gets more pertinent with time and damn the younger generation need this song blasted at them like this is blasted at us just perfect. Walter then got Jez Miller from Gunfire Dance and The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing to play his guitar so he could dance and sing Born To Lose and things seemed to go up another notch as they were having a riot.

For Chinese Rocks a song The Ramones were worried about singing themselves they added Jordan Mooney on backing Vocals as everyone in the 100 club were in the pawn shop once more and they closed with a rambunctious version of Too Much Junkie Business that just left everyone smiling and cheering for more.

Of course they came back for an encore that began with Mick Rossi singing I'm Waiting For the Man and this had more of the verses than the version at Rebellion it sounded great, which just left time for us all to go mad and sing every word of Do You Love Me and it was clear we all still love Walter Lure and the current band more than do justice to his music. This was a perfect double bill.
  author: simonovitch

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