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Review: 'Daystar'
'The Complete Recordings'   

-  Label: 'Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '25.10.19.'

Our Rating:
As this claims to be the bands Complete Recordings I assume it's a total one off even if they claim it's the bands debut album. In many ways it seems to be a one off as the vinyl comes with a very nice lyric book and postcards. As far as I can tell the band aren't sponsored by the Daystar TV Network or any of the many Daystar day centres in the USA as the name is associated with various Christian Evangelical networks it's reasonable to assume this band from Portland are not only aware of that but chose the name because of its associations making this the first album of Christian power pop soft rock that I've reviewed.

The album opens with Right At Home a power pop come 70's pop rock song with some lyrics that combine the need for redemption with a plea to get this right at home no matter what the charges against you might be.

A Lot To Love is a pleasant laid back sort of Big Starish song about how it's better to sing a song than have a fight and how can we argue with that sentiment even if you sing as badly as I do.

People Get Lonely is for a post rehab life of looking out for each other over a power pop sound that is far too mid 60's Beatles for my tastes until the very cool guitar solo kicks in to lift things somewhat.

All That You know is about a woman getting into trouble with a man in a quarry over a tune that's mellow laid-back power pop. Summer Girls is about some of the girls they like in what sounds like a rather platonic way as this has no sleaze or wish to get down and dirty with them making it rather sweet instead.

Warped Reality closes the a-side with a tale of someone walking through a city in need of saving and who needs to find some hope. Musically it reminds me of Brian & Michael or The Sutherland Brothers.

The B-side opens with Sunny Golden Side a rather breezy sun dappled song about persuading your new love to join you in toeing the line and reading the stories in the good book together rather than rebelling and going wild together.

Buttons & Brass is a bit of a fight song over some very 70's psychedelic pop rock that sounds rather dated as he waits for you.

Angelina is another in the long line of songs named after Angelina or Angeline this time around it's a slow low-slung love song that sounds like something off of Mick Ronson's play Don't Worry album but with less grit.

The Ballad Of Sister Sadie May isn't about the Wrestling drummer of Harry Crews Sadie Mae, but it is about a troubled woman and the man in her life over a cool sort of Little Feat style tune.

Get yourself Away is about needing to change things and having to walk away to this slightly plodding pop rock before it freaks out towards then end with them finally cutting loose a bit.

The album closes with the very Big Star influenced Fade Away, Love a beautiful pastoral song of regret for a love that has gone too soon and for me by far the best song on the album.
If this sounds like your thing find out more at www.daystarpdx.bandcamp.com www.daystarpdx.com
  author: simonovitch

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While I do appreciate you obviously taking the time to listen to the record, I think it is unfortunate that you didnt take the time to ask the question or do the research to find out we are not a Christian band and did not name ourselves after a criminal religious organization. It is a bit disappointing to read this recap/review, mostly of lyrics, through your lens of assumption. Two rules of journalism - #1. Respect yourself enough to know the information you put forth is accurate and #2. Respect your readers enough to know you arent wasting...shortened comments
------------- Author: ksimmons   22 October 2019

Sorry my comment was shortened.....
#2. Respect your readers enough to know you arent wasting their time. Whenever I am doing something creative I always need to ask myself, "Is this half assed?" If the answer is yes then it usually doesnt see the light of day. Maybe you think this record IS "half assed" but I would have rather read that review than this. Anyway, thanks again Simon for taking the time.

------------- Author: ksimmons   22 October 2019