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Review: 'False Hearts'
'Remedy (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '3rd April 2020'

Our Rating:
They threaten ‘a sound that lifts from everyone from Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry. Muse, and Shinedown, to the Foo Fighters’. It kind of hints at a lack of identity, and it’s a fair summary. Emma Hodgson does full-lunged gutsy vocals with genuine – rather than false – heart, while the three duded churn out solid but mediocre riffs that take their cues from every rock band from Led Zep to the present.

They’re solid, and musically they sit alongside peers like Salvation Jayne, but unlike SJ, there’s nothing on offer here to differentiate them from the endless array of pub / local venue acts, and they work all the standard formulas including the mid-tempo emotive anthem which lands with the third track ‘Breathe Again’.

They’re proficient and have decent tunes, but the fact is that bands like this, complete with identikit band-generator names, are two a penny. Still, it hasn’t stopped Paramore or The Pretty Reckless from being immense, so who’s to say that given the right breaks, it couldn’t work out for False Hearts?

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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