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Review: 'Supersuckers'
'Play That Rock-N-Roll'   

-  Label: 'SPV'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '7.2.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'SPV 241392'

Our Rating:
The mighty Supersuckers are back with the bands 13th studio album that sounds like it was played pretty much live in the studio and recorded in 4 days in Austin Texas at Willie Nelson's studio. I have one big complaint against this album, that in no way has anything to do with the quality of the music. But there are no song writing credits anywhere on the CD packaging, which when you have two covers versions on an album is rather insulting to the writers of those songs. So in case any listeners don't already know A Certain Girl was written by the New Orleans piano Legend Allen Toussaint for Ernie K-Doe, while Dead, Jail Or Rock 'N' Roll was written by Michael Monroe with Little Steven and Nasty Suicide.

The album opens with the full on blast of Ain't Gonna Stop (Until I Stop It) that's a balls to the walls sing along chant along kinda manifesto to let you know they'll rock till they drop and you'd better believe it.

Getting Into Each Other's Pants has the sort of retro lyrics about life on the road and the need to feed the bands still raging libido's with more sex more drugs and more rock and roll, slightly grizzled but no less dirty horny or needy than they've ever been.

Deceptive Expectation comes on like Peer Gunt channelling AC DC with monstrous riffage strafing guitars and Chris Von Streicher desperately trying to outdo the guitars on his drumkit, while we all expect something totally wild to happen in the songs three and a half minutes or so span, yes it's a deceptively great rocker.

You Ain't the Boss Of Me reworks Can The Can into a rocking rant at someone trying to run the bands lives, as if that would be possible, this is raw and angry and well glam rawking fun too. Bringing It Back is a straight-ahead rock monster riffing like all hell plea for us all to bring it back yeah lets rock like we know we should, it's cliched but how could it not be at this point.

Play That Rock-N-Roll is exactly the sort of bar room blues rock you'd expect it to be, perfect to sing along to the chorus at the top of your voice too in a sleazy rock club on a Friday night and Eddie Spaghetti's vocals sound a lot like Paul-Ronney Angel from The Urban Voodoo Machine on this great fun Rock tune.

That's A Thing steals liberally from Mud's Tiger Feet and consequently is a classic glam stomp along. Last Time Again sounds like they've all dropped a speed bomb and are racing each other across the studio to see who can play the fastest, this has a nod or two too Motorhead in its blitzkrieg rock and roll attitude.

Die Alone is a full-on paean to a belief that someone they no longer like will Die Alone as those raging guitars cascade down upon them.

There take on Michael Monroe's Dead Jail Or Rock 'N' Roll takes it to the garage and gets down and dirty with it and less angry that Michael normally sings it live in recent years, it's also a bit slower than I'm used to hearing it played, but damn the guitar solo is worth hearing as much as the rest of it and they do a pretty damn great version of a classic song.

They then take A Certain Girl to a different place than the original as this is less doo-wop northern soul than Ernie K-Doe for sure, it's still got that great pop hook but they've upped the wattage and they sound like they're having a lot of fun doing a heavier take on The Yardbirds Version although Eric Clapton probably still has the better guitar solo.

The album closes with Ain't No Day that has a good doomy almost Black Sabbath style bass line from Marty Chandler that everything else is built around as they look back at the day before today as they sort through the aftermath a really cool song to finish with as it almost feels like a comedown rock anthem of regret at being dumped again.

Find out more at www.spv.de or www.supersuckers.com
  author: simonovitch

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