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Review: 'Sunset Canyoneers'
'Sunset Canyoneers'   

-  Label: 'You Are the Cosmos'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '6.3.20'

Our Rating:
This is a very easy to listen to album of what used to be called New Country but is really just classic country as they seem in thrall to the Laurel Canyon sound while listing in the press releases some bands that would normally get this listener running for the hills as well as Gram Parsons and the Byrds, but thankfully I have happily been able to listen to this three times in a row while doing some other stuff before sitting down to review this album. Oh and massive bonus points for being on You Are The Cosmos ( www.youarethecosmos.com ) a super cool Spanish label that has a very cool roster.

From the opening High In The Sky this album sets out to sound like timeless country rock with lots of references to all sorts of 70's and 80's country rock songs, I personally will not be referencing some of the bands I hate that are mentioned in the press release, as this tune has at least one obvious lyrical reference. But this is nice laid-back country with nice harmonies about being nicely out of it while working away with some lovely slide playing that for me reminds me of the International Submarine Band.

Alcohol In A Gambling Town needs a good tumbler of Sipping Whiskey to go with it as this Byrdsian tale of drinking and gambling away the pay check once more like they have spent a little too long in Reno this also reminds me a lot of New Country Rehab and they may need to go to rehab to cure a habit or two.

As far As I Can Tell is as laid back as the rest of the album as they ask a question or two about if being with the one they love can take away all of the worlds pain and misery. Junk #1 doesn't sound like they have the mother of all junk habits more like they have been chipping away at it and are frayed around the edges and need a good comedown song with gentle strings to ease away the pain.

Spirits is about needing to buy one more drink before going out and driving down a highway which is a very American thing to do as on this side of the pond we would be too worried about the effects and dangers of drinking and driving and yes The Business told us it was so much fun, but they were being ironic and I'm sure some of that irony is in this tune as the Spirits race past you on the highway as you may be hallucinating that this is actually blaring out of your radio as you go cruising down a highway. It's made for drive time.

Los Angeles sounds like it's made for a rare smog free day with clear blue skies and sunshine perfect for driving down Sunset Boulevard until Los Angeles is in the rear view mirror with the top down in an old gas guzzler smoking a large joint.

BlueJay is not a song about Canadian Baseball but is far more allegorical in its tale of the weight of that Bluejay this really sounds like it should be accompanied with an easy rider style video. Half Past One is the morning after the night before style hangover almost bluegrass blues of semi-regret if they haven't forgotten what it is that may have happened with a bit of an updated Hank Williams twang too it.

Don'tcha Go Talking re-works a very familiar tune that I last heard re-worked by Corporal Machine & The Bombers as The Days Of White Lightning who also use it to discuss drinking problems but not at the possible end of a relationship as this one does, it's a gentle plea for forgiveness and the chance to carry on together that nicely wraps up the album in just under a half hour.

For my money this album is real easy to keep listening too. Find out more at https://www.youarethecosmos.com/product/sunset-canyoneers-lp-out-6-march https://sunsetcanyoneers.com/ https://www.facebook.com/Sunset-Canyoneers-100618771334924/
  author: simonovitch

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