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Review: 'DEAP LIPS'
'Deap Lips'   

-  Label: 'Cooking Vinyl'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '13th March 2020'

Our Rating:
What do you get when you cross LA retro Rock & Roll grrrl duo Deap Vally with Psychedelic mavericks The Flaming Lips? More Lips than Vally is the answer. No joke if you prefer punky rock to pop eccentricity.

When Flaming Lips' front man Wayne Coyne told Julie Troy and Lindsey Edwards he had a few free days, the starstruck Vally girls dutifully arrived at his Oklahoma City studio. Since they showed up with no pre-written songs they might just have well have been wearing 'Take Us We're Yours' T-Shirts. As dedicated Lips fans they were more than happy to be appropriated by their musical heroes.

From Coyne and crew's perspective, the sole objective seemed to be to throw together a few "catchy, cool songs" to which some 'motherfucking' expletives were added for extra edginess.

They dug out an old track (Love Is A Mind Control) that was originally intended for Kesha featuring some bollocks about "becoming one with the universe".

The opening track,Home Thru Hell, all but concedes the level of dominance with a line about "taking all my wisdom from the flaming lips of youth".

Worst of all is the transformation of Steppenwolf's classic anti-drug song The Pusher into a piece of novelty pop fluff. Ironically this version sounds like it was recorded on uppers and by excluding the invective "goddamn the pusher" it ignores the whole point of the original. The fact that this track was briefly considered for a Miley Cyrus project says it all.

A true collaboration is when you get the best of both bands. This one just seems like a collection of Flaming Lips outtakes and it is therefore little more than the musical equivalent of fan fiction

Deap Lips' website
  author: Martin Raybould

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DEAP LIPS - Deap Lips