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Review: 'Smalltown Tigers'
'Five Things'   

-  Label: 'Area Pirata/bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '24.4.20.'

Our Rating:
The Smalltown Tigers are three young Italian punk girls straight out of Rimini on a mission to infect the world with there brand of low-fi grunge punk and this 22-minute-long 8 song mini album is almost the bands manifesto or at the very least a calling card to get them out and playing loads of live shows as soon as that's possible again.

The album is produced by Stiv Canterelli from The Silent Strangers and is mainly recorded live in the studio without overdubs to keep it sounding good and raw.

The Mini-album opens with Just Friends, that was also the bands Debut single last year when they came over on the bands first UK tour, it's a great low-fi punk message to let someone know you are Just Friends that reminds me a good bit of the Voodoo Queens in it's rough around the edges grunge punk appeal and it has a chorus that you'll want to chant along too.

Girl has a cool simple guitar riff that they then tell us what they think of the particular Girl this full-throated song is about and it has a similar sort of sound to the Irish garage punk band September Girls.

Find Myself Another Name ups the energy levels and will get the mosh pit going as you slowly work out how much they have re-worked New Rose into an anthem to escaping and making your own life with a new name.

Runaway Girl is very similar to The Healthy Junkies Runaway Devil and that's no bad thing and it sounds like this Runaway Girl might be fleeing from the same sort of problems although I think in this case the Runaway girl is a bit older than 12 but not much and hopefully she doesn't suffer the fate of The healthy Junkies devil.

Darling Please! sounds a bit grungier and more like Pretty On The Inside era Hole but with lyrics that put it more in line with Maid Of Ace and could easily be played in more of Oi! Punk style than the one it currently borders on as they stand there ground.

I Want It Now well of course you do and with enough energy and if they are allowed to go out and tour this properly this has all the signs it could be a great fist pumping anthem.

The Bitch isn't about that Joan Collins film thankfully but is a bile ridden rant against a bitch that has done the Smalltown Tigers wrong and they are ready to reap their revenge in a good low-fi garage punk style.

Five Things lets you know that you might have Five things to think about but only one is really essential, you'll need to listen to this properly catchy punk song to figure out just what those Five Things are and then to decide if you need to share them with everyone on Facebook, I'm sure They wouldn't do anything that lame mind you.

Find out more at https://areapiratarec.bandcamp.com/album/five-things https://www.facebook.com/smalltowntigers/ http://www.areapirata.com/

  author: simonovitch

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