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Review: 'Philip Rambow'

-  Label: 'Fretsore records'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '24.4.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'FR0011P'

Our Rating:
Philip Rambow is quite busy at the moment as this his album of new material that is coming out as well as a 3 cd career overview The Rebel Kind. The new album features a suitably all-star band that features among others Paul Cuddeford from The Dalston Devil trio and who has produced among other Energy Orchard and Prefab Sprout, Bob Loveday from Geraint Watkins band and the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Geraint Watkins of course whose played with everyone from Van Morrison to Bob Dylan etc. Then on drums he has Pete Thomas who I last reviewed when he was playing with Sharon Corr and has also backed Diamanda Galas and Elvis Costello et al. There is also guest spot for Martin Belmont From Graham Parkers band and you get the picture of the talent that Philips gathered together to make this album.

From the opening American Buffalo we are in laid back country territory with superlative musicianship throughout as you'd expect this is a song for of rueful regret for how things have changed and asks whatever happened to the American Buffalo.

Things Are Not Looking Good seems like a perfect subject for a single at the moment, while Philip might be singing about his life the chorus feels so on point for 2020 it's uncanny and this really should be a perfect sing along for this summer.
Out On Your Own is a duet with Sharlene Hector and is a slow tender love letter to each other listing some of the things that brought them together and tore them apart a really beautiful eulogy to a relationship.

Get Even is the most stripped back song on the album featuring only Paul Cuddeford's Dobro and some finger snaps and it's a good tune about wanting to get even with anyone who has let you down over the years.

Springtime In My Heart is one of the songs on this album with a very familiar tune and some great lyrics about being a travelling musician and generally about enjoying life and making sure to like his facebook page and twitter feed yes go follow Philip Now.

Oceans Apart is the second duet with Sharlene Hector on the album and well the tale it tells about the way they feel Oceans Apart from each other is cool laid back and reminds me of the Redlands Palomino Company.

Hard Times is a tale of hardship and suffering over a gently lilting tune that has plenty of regret in it as the music gently evokes all sorts of pain and feeling.

Piggin' Out is a song of joy at stuffing your face with all of Philip's favourite foods and no they are not exclusively Canadian dishes, just make sure you don't tell him he can't have more as he'll want it this is a good fun song that I'm sure will be great fun live when he's allowed to go and play live again.

Angel Everyday is a beautiful slow country love song. Making Up For Lost Time sounds like a song I've known for years and if your not singing along to the chorus by the time you've heard this twice I'd be surprised it's perfect for the call and response section of a concert as Philip sings of the joys of being able to walk a straight line nowadays.

Devoted to You sounds like he is re-working a KD Lang classic into something even more lovely than the original a lovely gentle love song to close this very nice album.

Now why is the song stuck in my head after listening to this album the Rhinestone Cowboy I have no idea but every time I've heard the album now that's been the case.

Find out more at https://www.fretsorerecords.com/philiprambow/ https://www.facebook.com/ThePhilipRambow/
  author: simonovitch

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