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Review: 'Tiny Fighter'
'Going Home'   

-  Label: 'Bay Terrace Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '29.4.20.'

Our Rating:
This new album from Tiny Fighter follows on from the excellent atmospheric single Perfect game that I reviewed a while ago. Tiny Fighter are a Swedish Australian duo based in Stockholm who play sort of Goth chamber pop.

The opening piano flourish that marks the intro to Going Home hints at The Boomtown Rats I Don't Like Mondays but as it only lasts about 10 seconds that image soon fades as the song becomes more ambient and modern sounding far more like Eden House crossed with Stina Nordenstam, it's gently involving piece of Love gone wrong angsty and yearning.

Strangest Thing has an almost instant feeling of familiarity a good building indie pop song of love and desire, some of that comes from hearing it as the b-side to the recent single, but it really sounds like it should be on mainstream daytime radio.

Devotion sounds a bit like The Creatures and if it was gothed up a little bit would be a big goth tune as it builds and swirls quite a bit.

Happier is a plea for help making your life better through love that's gently intoxicating that draws you deep within.

Having reviewed the three versions of Perfect Game on the recent single this gently beautiful version feels like an old friend already and has some of the most Stina Nordenstam style vocals perfect to gently sway along too.

Rollercoaster isn't a cover song of any of the other great songs with the name and is instead a song that builds and falls like the rollercoaster as the emotions in the lyrics unfold with enough twists to almost remind me of Bjork as Therese Karlsson asks if we'd like to take a ride in a very different way to how Spacemen 3 posed that question.

Echo really should have more Echo on the vocals of this Goth pop song. Maybe goes far more ambient odd pop with some great bass drumming central to what makes this an intriguing song.

Stars is a play on and around Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that turns it into a chamber goth pop song that has a few twists and turns that almost make it sound like the gentler end of Delain's music.

Vessels is gentle atmospheric song of love and pain and moving through what has happened and trying to get to a better place a gorgeous slice of chamber pop.

The album closes with Hold On which is something we all seem to be trying to do currently no matter that most of the demons we are fighting are not the personal ones in this song, and as with the sentiment in this song I hope we all still have plenty to live for and nothing to die for in this almost pumping anthem to carrying on and getting on with having a good life.

Find Out More athttps://tinyfighterz.bandcamp.com/album/going-home???https://www.facebook.com/tinyfighterz
  author: simonovitch

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