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Review: 'The Special Pillow'
'World's Finest'   

-  Label: 'Zofko'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '26.6.20.'-  Catalogue No: 'Zofko ZK8'

Our Rating:
The Special Pillow are back with a follow up to Sleeping Weird an album I had a good bit of fun reviewing when it came out nearly two years ago. I will still be asking questions about that Special Pillow and the first one is are you able to put it in the washing machine to keep it clean or not?

If you don't already know The Special Pillow and haven't experienced the magic, of holding them tightly to your ears, they are a cool New Jersey indie band who have now been around for 25 years and are a band run by Hypnolovewheel Bass man Dan Cuddy ably assisted by Katie Gentile and a cast of other great musicians.

The album opens with The Week In Review which for most of us in lockdown is much the same as last week and for The Special Pillow means similar to the last album of theirs I reviewed Sleeping Weird in that it has a woozy psychedelia feel to it and it also feels like they have been having gentle relaxed fun and may have been listening to Belle And Sebastian albums again.

I Woke Up and I wasn't clutching The Special Pillow and sweating, wondering what went on, as this tells us that everything is as it should be thankfully, Nothing hinky happens in this song it's a straight ahead college/indie rocker.

Serious Eyedrops are needed if you're going to get those rose-tinted contact lenses in place as they sound a lot like The Silos.

No Such Too Much grabs that pillow hard and the almost sawing sounds of the strings, are hopefully not getting through that pillow any time soon, as you get ready to sing along with the chorus and just telling us all on lockdown that there is no such things as too much time really seems radical at the moment.

Monday's Puzzle is not about if you should change the pillowcases again or not, or even if you should go to work this week or not. It does feel like the Silos trying to persuade us to just get up and get too it and solve Monday's Puzzle before the uneasy shift in the middle of the song that ends with them sitting on the beach gripping that Special Pillow as the super strong acid has kicked in.

World's Finest is a more upbeat string led rocker as we figure out exactly what is the World's finest these days, it obviously includes a cool brass section, you'll only need to hear this two or three times to be singing along with it and you'll certainly want to boogie along to the long instrumental section.

The digital version of the EP closes with a bonus re-mix of I Woke Up (High Tunnels Mix) that is re-mixed by Dave Ramirez from Hypnolovewheel and it turns the song into an ambient indie weird out like The Special Pillow has been doused in LSD and your lying with your eyes closed seeing and hearing all these odd things just before you wake up and wonder what the noises were.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/TheSpecialPillow/ https://specialpillow.com/?fbclid=IwAR3CVJIUmYcv1StHd-1nieftUxawBcu42YoUr5UaijqWpuuxK_Exqjt-nTw
  author: simonovitch

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