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Review: 'Silent Attic'
'Escape (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '2nd October 2020'

Our Rating:
You’d never guess that Silent Attic are a German band. That isn’t sarcasm, either: theirs is a sound rooted in contemporary British indie. Dynamics and edge are the two key things that differentiate Silent Attic from so many of their meat-and-potatoes indie/alt-rock peers. ‘Take My Time’, previously released as a single, launches things with a certain degree of measure, but there’s a rawness and energy simmering, too.

‘Lights Out’ is bursting with energy, straight from the first bars it blazes, burning high-octane in a blur of rock ‘n’ roll fury that blends swagger and anguish, the driving guitars and Eros Isler’s grainy, soulful blues-flavoured vocals entwining to create a strong song with a powerful hook.

Another previous singe cut, ‘Hide Away’ which got a thumbs up on these very pages sits nicely at the set’s mid-point, and pretty much encapsulates everything about Silent Attic.

There’s a strong early Arctic Monkeys vibe to ‘Cut Loose’ which lives up to its title, and while so many bands of this ilk are content to potter around in mid-pace territory in their eternal quest for something ‘anthemic’, Silent Attic play harder, faster, and with a passion that’s so often lacking in the material of their peers, making ‘Escape’ an admirably solid work.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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