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Review: 'Hell Boulevard'
'Not Sorry'   

-  Label: 'No Cut Entertainment'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '19.10.20.'

Our Rating:
Take a look at this bands name and the artwork and if you can't guess what this sounds like before playing it then you should never random buy music. As this sounds like you'd expect it too, yep Industrial goth metal.

Obviously a band called Hell Boulevard are based in Switzerland one of the most devilish places on earth and feature a couple of ex-members of Lost Area.

The opener I Should Be Dead By Now is a very Marilyn Manson style industrial goth rocker with the sort of mid song breakdown that will get anyone dancing to it stopping in there tracks trying to figure out what to do before it all comes back in as they tell us why he should already be dead.

The albums title track Not Sorry is a great anthem for living life to the max and going for it and having no regrets over urgent string led industrial rock, at least it isn't a cover of that awful Buckcherry song.

Speak Of the Devil opens with some classical piano that leads into an Oomph! (circa Plastik) meets Alcoholika La Christo style anthemic goth brooding dance fest, as they ask you to Speak Of The Devil while trying to work out where the string part has been stolen from.

Ropes And Candies starts like a Euro pop song that soon develops into an S & M fantasy song with echoes of Lacuna Coil only with the male vocals being far more dominant than the female vocals as he tells her she will be his slave, will she submit or will she take charge, listen and find out.

Death To The Future (FT Faderhead) is a sentiment most of us would whole heartedly agree with if it's anything like this year has been, this is an early Nine Inch Nails style dancefloor industrial anthem that will be perfect to sing along too live.

Where Is your god now and the answer isn't cowering in a back alley shooting up bleach and chloroquine as this furiously raging anthemic goth song asks questions as to why god hasn't saved the righteous from everything currently happening. So give your soul to Rock & Roll instead.

You Had Me At Fuck Off is the bands moody slow building anti-love song that should see audiences swaying and chanting the songs title back at them at top volume, as we find out just why you should indeed Fuck Off,this sounds like the slowest of 69 Eyes songs.

Queen Paranoia is about the sort of woman you start off fancying and think you'll go out with, till you find out just how paranoid she is and then you just want her out of your life. To be honest I know a few guys that fit this bill too over a reasonably pacey Marilyn Manson style industrial goth rocker.

Hate Me is as good an anthem for anyone who revels in pissing everyone else off and making them hate you and they don't mean politicians or reality stars, this is more about just doing what you like and be damned what anyone else thinks of you, go on Hate Me.

Like Romeo And Juliet is thankfully not a cover of the dreadful Mental As Anything song, this is slow ponderous and slightly scary dark baring of the soul plea to the young lovers.

Lilies & Roses is almost as slow as Of Lillies And Remains and has a similar subject matter this has some gentle piano and string backing as you wait and wonder if it's suddenly going to go huge but it really doesn't need too as it's totally effective as a stripped back song of remembrance.

The album closes with The Hell And Beyond sounds like they have re-worked some Austrian chamber music into a goth rock epic journey to the very bowels of hell or at least the dungeon at a club like Antichrist.

Find out more at http://shop.hellboulevard.com/ https://www.facebook.com/hellboulevard
  author: simonovitch

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