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Review: 'The Persian Leaps'
'Smiling Lessons'   

-  Label: 'Land Ski Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '18.9.20.'

Our Rating:
This 7 song Mini Album flies by in exactly 20 minutes leaving very little room for any wasted notes or words which can only be a good thing. The Persian leaps come from St Paul Minnesota a city that has had more bad publicity this year than in a very long time.

This mini album opens with PRN that will leave some of us scratching our heads trying to work out what PRN stands for if not porn without an O! That said it's a cool indie powerpop song with some very catchy hooks in it that might give a clue or two as to what PRN means in St Paul slang.

Chamberlain might is about an ex British Prime Minister that sounds like a sweet powerpop love song! It feels like it has more in common with Orange Juice and Velvet Crush as it worms it's way into your brain and you surrender to it.

Patience is not a Gun and Roses cover thank fully and it won't try your Patience like that song does flying by in a whirl of chiming guitars in no time at all.

Lost Cause is a perfect slice of regret and apology to Cathy for there being a Lost Cause and how well things should have been better, while reminding me of Obscure mid-western bands like Holly Has A Farm meeting with Magnapop and getting a bloke to sing for them.

Your loss is full of regret that you couldn't stick the course and probably decided to try your luck on the other side of the river in Minneapolis, this song also for me reminds me of my one visit to the twin cities and the loss suffered by my host while in town, so this one goes out to Pepper a dog not easily forgotten. This keeps to the Postcard style indie brief too.

Spoon-Fed wears it's heart firmly on it's sleeve as they wonder about how easily led you might be, it has a yearning feel to the vocals as you struggle with portion control, which was understandable knowing the size of meals in St Paul, while sounding a lot like The Persian Rugs did a good few years ago.
The album closes with The Entertainer that's a wry slice of jangle pop to bounce about too while wearing an anorak as they wonder what it is about The Entertainer that fascinates them, you will work it out after a few listens and it certainly involves jangly guitars and plenty of pop hooks.

Find out more at https://thepersianleaps.com/music https://thepersianleaps.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ThePersianLeaps

  author: simonovitch

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