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Review: 'Melting Mallows'
'I’m Okay'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '8th October 2020'

Our Rating:
When I read – as I do, countless times a day – about how these are difficult times for the arts, for bands, for all aspects of the music scene, it’s not the bands that you hear on the radio or who fill arenas I worry about. Radio play pays royalties, Ed Sheeran and Kanye aren’t going to go hungry. It’s perhaps true that a lot of the musicians in little DIY bands aren’t either, at least not through lack of live shows. But the likelihood is that the people in those little bands are also bartenders, waiters, baristas, sound light engineers, music teachers – the kind of people who are fucked both ways by the current situation.

So while once upon a time I may have griefed Melting Mallows for their moniker and picked holes in their middling indie style, I can now more readily appreciate the easy jangle of their self-effacing kitchen-sink reflections on the anxieties that face youths not just now but for all time, and their antithesis to My Chemical Romance’s post-millennial-whinge.

The duo, consisting of Bices Mali (born 1995 Nepal Kathmandu) and Brian Jon P. (born 1997 Belgium Leuven) have a clear ear for a catchy melody and a sunny tune, and we need all the sun we can get right now.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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