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Review: 'The Luxembourg Signal'
'The Long Now'   

-  Label: 'Shelflife Records/Spinout Nuggets'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '23.10.20.'

Our Rating:
This is The Luxembourg Signals third album and builds nicely on the bands signature gauzy dreampop sound. They are currently based in London, Los Angeles and San Diego.

This opens slowly and deliberately with I Never Want To Leave that sounds like you are floating in space together and never want to leave the spaceship, even before the gentle vocals come in to accentuate how much they never want to leave, and in this year of all years never wanting to leave home or a place of safety is about as in vogue as it gets as the drums come sparingly in to punctuate the vocals.

The Morning After has a hazy slightly hungover feel to it, not quite walk of shame more like your glad to be leaving and wondering when you might come back for more, this is an upbeat spaced out dream-pop song that has echoes of Stereolab but feels more fragile than that, as they greet that Morning After.

The first single from the album 2:22 is next and yes that's how long it is as it drives itself deep into your mind with a good full on intro that gives way as the vocals come into being a rather questioning song wondering what you've got left as it builds and falls this feels like a rather glorious rollercoaster of a song.

Take It Back is a dreamy and insistent song that feels like Lush filtered though some rather fine gauze as they insist you take It back and well if I was asked like this I would be giving in as the relationship they are singing about has fallen apart without them really noticing until it was too late.

Lost Hearts is Chamber dream pop evocation of the need for change in your personal life that reminds me a bit of Belle & Sebastian as they dream of being far away from home again.

Cut The Bridle features David Klotz as guest vocalist to take the male half of the tale unfolding in the song and what happens with the horses Head in a non-godfather way, it is a nicely windswept and in some ways slightly grandiose song.

Elevator Silence sounds rather ominous almost like your stuck in a broken down elevator hoping to be rescued by the slow deliberate and rather complex music as the vocals slowly envelope you in the story of betrayal that's caused you to stand in silence not looking at each other in that elevator, musically this has a rather filmic quality like it should be used on a soundtrack.

Mourning Moon has very cool almost battling duel vocals on a song that sounds a lot like Arson Garden being fronted by Sonya Hunter or someone similar, it's rather intoxicating and will need a good few listens to let it get totally under your skin.

Ramblin' Rodriguez sounds like it could be a tribute to Rodriguez the long lost singer or just about a fellow who never knows where to lay his hat over a very poppy shoegaze backing.

The album closes with the lush and involving When All That We Hold Decays that feels totally in touch with the sort of year 2020 has been, it longs for a past that was better brighter and more hopeful than today feels in a really cool dreamy way and for me this should be a single that's perfect to hold on to your loved ones and sway along too.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/theluxembourgsignal/ https://shelfliferecords.bandcamp.com/merch
  author: simonovitch

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