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Review: 'McDooze, Doozer'
'Panic Attack'   

-  Genre: 'Punk/New Wave' -  Release Date: '30th October 2020'

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Essex-based acoustic punk performer Doozer McDooze isn’t the kind of guy who’s cut out for staying at home. As his bio notes, ‘he has passion to play everywhere and anywhere; from venues to car parks, squats, campfires, backs of vans, queues, the street, coffee shops, pubs and house parties...’ For such a restless soul, the current state of affairs must be next-level purgatory, and from my general observations, for many, the underlying levels of anxiety that underpin the currents of day-do-day living are constantly at risk of breaching the banks.

With his latest offering, ‘Panic Attack’, the title speaks for itself, an ode to rising anxiety. It’s a rough ‘n’ ready ramshackle punk tune, espousing the DIY ethos to the max, and the appeal here is very much in the raw energy, the lack of pretence and the total sincerity. No fancy production, no polish and dubbing, Doozer goes straight in with a punch between the eyes.

But after three-and-a-half minutes of palpitation-pace, adrenaline-pumping attack, the tempo slows, ad McDooze take it down a level, coaching towards cam ness with the advice ‘sometimes you just gotta breathe / keep breathing’.

I might criticise that this oversimplifies and diminishes complex psychological issues, but that would be to miss the point: this is a song about inclusivity and solidarity, and its jauntiness doesn’t undermine its seriousness in the slightest. What’s more, he’s right: breathing doesn’t address the underlying causes, but in the moment – you’ve just gotta breathe.

  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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