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Review: 'Old Selves'
'Two Minds (EP)'   

-  Genre: 'Heavy Metal' -  Release Date: '1st January 2021'

Our Rating:
Nothing says ‘new year, new resolve’ like launching your debut EP on new year’s day. And for that alone, I admire Yorkshire metal act Old Selves, another band local to me being predominantly based on York who have somehow escaped my notice. Like every other band, the restrictions on venues has put paid to their building their fanbase through live shows, but they’ve continued to hone their sound and have been working hard to pull this together.

Like so many contemporary metal bands, the EP is the format of choice, and it begins with a brooding atmospheric intro with piano and fear chords, and on this occasion, a chiming bell that’s pure gloom – and then after a mere minute’s suspense it’s in with the first song proper, in the shape of the title track, and in with the furious guitars, the double-pedal kick drumming and raw-throated vocals that ooze anguish and pain from every cell.

It sets the mark for the rest of the EP: a chugfest of lumbering, low-slung overdriven rage. ‘Population’ slams in hard, a grey slab of desolation and despair driven by industrial-strength fury that’s got enough power to forgive the indulgent guitar solo.

Interlude ‘Lost’ is nice and atmospheric, but does feel a bit like the now-stereotypical and obligatory showcase of musicianship: far more impressive is lead single, ‘444’, released December 11th. Landing as the penultimate cut, it’s a clear standout, packing all the dynamics spanning a mellow intro, overloading guitar verse, and blisteringly bile-filled bridge, that breaks into a chorus that grabs you by the throat.

There’s nothing to be in two minds about here: this is a full-on, full-tilt set that makes for a seriously strong debut: they deserve to get out and kill it in 2021.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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