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Review: 'Band Ane'
'Anish Musix'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '19th December 2020'

Our Rating:
It was back in 2015 I first encountered the work of Ane Østergaard, recording as Band Ane, when I reviewed ‘Anish Music Caravan’. She’s since continued to release a steady flow of gently melodic albums, all of which have had some form of ‘Anish’ reference in the title, with follow-ups ‘Anish Music Too and Free’ and ‘Anish Music V’. On the surface, it may seem like a bit of a gimmick, but it does lend her body of work a strong sense of cohesion, and what’s more, it’s a fitting description of Ane’s music, which is pretty much unique. Instead of trying to describe its hybrid elements in several cumbersome yet also vague paragraphs, why not simply give it a name?

As a reviewer, my job is to unravel the content beneath the label, and to render several cumbersome yet also vague paragraphs that convey the experience of Ane’s new album, and
‘Anish Musix’ may be less overtly experimental and less expressly ‘different’ than ‘Anish Music Caravan’, but it’s far from mainstream or commercia, and sits comfortably within the evolving trajectory of Ane’s recordings.

‘Anish Musix’ is a wonderful example of musical escapism: rippling notes glide as if underwater and pulsating like neon jellyfish, propelled silently through clear waters which are quiet and still beneath a turbulent surface.

The album’s twelve compositions softly cascade into one another, and while there is – without question – separation between them and a certain sense of shifting moods, there’s very much an overarching vibe of rippling mellowness that defines the gently pulsing vibrations which cascade and tinkle, trickling, dripping and dropping, the notes fusing together in a mist.

While there are structures and forms often apparent, ‘Anish Musix’ is predominantly minimalist in its approach, and at times sparse and barely-there but for skipping, skittering beats: the minimal ‘Floating Points’ offers sparse chime and glitchy, clicking beats – then again, ‘Dream Delight’ is an overt dance tune, albeit stripped back and hypnotic. And despite some odd, occasional, scratches, scrapes, groans and creaks that subtly disrupt the wafting flow, ‘Anish Musix’ proves to be a most soothing experience.
  author: Christopher Nosnibor

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