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Review: 'Madisyn Whajne'
'Save Our Hearts'   

-  Label: 'Summer Love Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '11.12.20.'

Our Rating:
Save Our Hearts is the Debut album by Canadian singer Madisyn Whajne who as a kid was sadly part of the abhorrent Canadian Government's Sixties Scoop that stole children whose parents happened to come from the first nations and put them in orphanages and then gave them to non-indigenous families.

The album opens with the single Summer Love that's a perfect slice of Summery pop to make eyes at someone and start a Holiday Romance too if we were still allowed to have holiday, as Madisyn asks for your number this is breathy fun pop.

Killing Desire is bright and breezy new wave pop reminiscent of Blondie's Union City blues in places as the story within the lyrics unfolds and we figure out just what turned her off so totally.

Another one of her singles One Shot is next and it really feels like I've been listening to this for ages rather than a few months as it really will worm its way into your heart as quickly as the guy who has One Shot to win her over in cool indie power pop way at recalls Magnapop or The Primitives.

So In Love slows things down a bit as Madisyn's vocals get all sultry for this love duet of passions and desires that has a cool jangle-pop feel to it.

Sweet Talk also having been a single for me is already something I can sing along too and would be a good song to be making some moves on someone you fancy on the dancefloor of your local indie disco, this has a real summery feel to it.

Dagger is an indie pop kiss off as she thrusts the Dagger through the heart of the lover she no longer desires, leaving them high and dry full of bitterness for what went wrong.

Don't Walk Away has the feel of a glam stomper but with Angel Corpus Christi style vocals and of course the odd bit of pleading so that he doesn't go off with someone else.

When Morning Comes has a slow organ underpinning a song of love and regret that you might want to hold the one you love too.

Never Give In is a song of lust and the pain it can cause on a good day! Musically this is quite jaunty and upbeat.

Fire is good guitar driven power pop that feels rather catchy as Madisyn sings out your dreams and hopes.

The album closes with Save My Heart one last song full of lust desire and heartbreak with some cool chiming guitars and gentle percussion a cool way to end good album of Indie-pop.

Find out more at https://www.madisynwhajne.com/ https://www.facebook.com/madisynwhajne https://madisynwhajne.bandcamp.com/releases
  author: simonovitch

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