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'World Of Carp'   

-  Label: 'Towed By The Ghost'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '5th March 2021'

Our Rating:
World of Carp is the fourth record from a cutesy English jangle-pop band now in its 12th year. It is the first time Lily Rose has taken on lead vocal duties for an entire album.

Roles and Variety Box explore problematic relationships; Miseryguts takes a dig at conspiracy theorists and the other seven songs address themes of indecision, political frustration and domesticity without any real venom or passion.

The album doesn't have any distinctive shape or structure and the flat production plus humdrum arrangements mean there's a lack of the vivacity or sassiness these bitter sweet tunes sorely need.

The self deprecating Popular Band at least shows that Model Village are resigned to never becoming household names: "we don't have a niche, we're on the outskirts of any given scene."

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  author: Martin Raybould

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