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Review: 'Heat Inc., The'
'The Heat Inc.'   

-  Label: 'Melted Dino Records'
-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '26.3.21.'

Our Rating:
The Heat Inc. are a new London based loud rock band, perfect for upsetting the neighbors if you listen at the correct volume. The sort of band I expect to see at the Hope And Anchor or similar basement dives playing super intense shows that leave your head ringing. The Ep comes with a great cover pic of Whitechurch Passage in Whitechapel a proper dark alleyway and scene of more than a few crimes.

The Heat Inc. are as international as any London band with Marco Simoncelli on Guitar and Maurizio Vitale on the drums joined by Nicolas Rigot on bass with Jon Dodd's full throated vocals and like any band with links to Whitechapel they have Terry Edwards playing a sax solo as special guest on Polaroids.

The Ep opens with Down In The City that re-works the theme to Dr Who's music into a heavy rock monster of a song that's part theme song for the band part Biker rock anthem for being in a sweaty club that forces itself deep into your brain quite quickly.

Raptors has motoric beats and a full throttle sound that feels like they are revving up a large engine and really into the sound it makes as it snarls and they get ready to careen out of your speakers, as they try to not be so devilish all the time, as the guitars strafe the room, it ends in a hail of feedback.

Sammy Swing Easy is slightly slower, an obituary set to slow bluesy rock, that builds and dips and builds and tells poor Sammy's story, as the bass is making my feet vibrate and the angelic choir sing backing vocals over ever more caustic guitars.

Polaroids sounds like Orange Goblin having a dust up with Gallon Drunk this follows the loud quiet template as they sing about dodgy Polaroids of someone caught in the act on Hampstead Heath, this sounds nothing like any of the bands that play at Kenwood House thankfully, as it bludgeons into your brain and eventually Gallon Drunk's sax monster Terry Edwards comes in on surprisingly ethereal sax to bring this to a calmer conclusion than expected but it's always great to hear more Terry Edwards.

The EP concludes with Your After Love Song that has a cool slow goth metal feel to it, as they sing about being in the rubble of another love that's disappeared, as they sing of the regrets and the feelings that have gone and left you, will they ever want you back, well I'm not sure they will, as it gets angrier and they howl at you, this song sounds like it could also be played as a full on lighters in the air ballad if they wanted to but would never be that uncool as to do so.

Find out more at www.theheatinc.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/TheHeatInc https://ingroov.es/the-heat-inc

  author: simonovitch

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