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Review: 'Ekko The Strange'

-  Label: 'Hi-Fi Mantra/bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '15.4.22.'-  Catalogue No: 'HIFI 444-33'

Our Rating:
Mystique is the second album by solo artist Ekko The Strange who is from Le Bois Idaho, but is based in Warsawa where this album was recorded.

The albums a-side opens with the dark strains of Exotic that sounds like they have been listening to lots of Dave Barbarossa's drums and decided to marry his kind of drum sound to a Bauhaus meets 400 Blows dark goth slow dancefloor soundscape.

Gleboki (Deep) should have all sorts of umlaut type things on the letters that my keyboard doesn't provide on a dark dank re-working of David Bowies Cat People's central tune into a malevolent almost drum and drill distorted dance tune that takes us as deep as the title's translation suggests.

Vamps has the sounds of a darkened room with vocals that sound like they have been recorded through the walls as a Vamp whose being held captive tries to free themselves from whatever prison they are caught in.

Channel almost feels like he is drawing an imaginary line in the channel to separate us from the others with weird computer noises and highly annoying cymbal and snare sounds to unsettle and help derange the senses.

The B-side opens with Reanimate that's full of siren sounds and a thudding drum on a song that sounds like the darkest thing Depeche Mode could come up with whilst totally gone on Heroin.

The Concept seems to be to make as darky majestic a goth coldwave record as they possibly can, they seem to be succeeding.

Your Shadow has vocals that reverberate all over the place and a very early 80's synth soundtrack feel to the music as you chase yourself around in the gloom in the middle of a massive bender.

The album closes with Ekko Reflector that has a never-ending repeating drum pattern and whale sound synths with some other odd noises to whip up a foreboding atmosphere.

Find out more at https://ekkothestrange.bandcamp.com/ https://ekkothestrange.com/ https://www.facebook.com/EkkotheStrange/
  author: simonovitch

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