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Review: 'Whimsical'

-  Label: 'Shelflife records/Through Love Records'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '1.4.22.'

Our Rating:
Melt is the fourth album of Sophisticated dreampop by Whimsical who are a duo comprising Neil Burkdool and Krissy Vanderwoude
This opens with Rewind that has some lush gauzy Tracey Thorn style vocals and reverb laden guitars making sure you don't press re-wind anytime soon.

Gravity has some vertiginous guitars threatening to fall off of a precipice into the void, or as suggested in the lyrics deep into a watery grave as they get pulled under the waves as the crystalline guitars shimmer intensely.

Take All Of Me opens with a very goth bassline and gauzy vocals that are multi-tracked in places as the super sweet strings wrap everything in a comforting musical blanket.

Melting Hearts opens like a gentle folk song with some carefully picked guitar before Krissy starts to tell us exactly how her Heart melted and what it did to her as the song builds rather slowly but surely and as you'd expect it then falls away to make you feel like you're floating.

As far as I can tell Crash & Burn isn't a cover of either April Wine of the Sisters of Mercy's songs of the same name, this has the most urgent guitars on the album as the vocals sound like they want to survive everything and just be able to pick themselves back up and do it all again.

Just A Dream is a rather slow and dreamy song that begins to build from its gentle foundations before really breaking down to the simplest of spaces as all the elements slowly come back together to make sure this is a very pleasant dream and in no way a nightmare.

Searching has layer upon layer of guitars and effects that very gently rise and fall as if you're floating on a raft across a very still lake.

Sadly, Quicksand isn't a cover of the Bowie classic, but instead a doomy dancefloor dreamscape that goes over a super simple drum pattern to maximum effect, although you might be sinking deeply into your sofa while listening to this.

The album closes with Feather whose opening seeks to tickly you with weird keyboard sounds, before Krissy tells us exactly how much like a Feather her ex-friend was, as you wonder how easily blown out of her life they were, as she tells you over and over how much she needed you.

Find out more at https://linktr.ee/whimsicalband https://www.facebook.com/WhimsicalBand

  author: simonovitch

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