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Review: 'Hooker, William'
'Big Moon'   

-  Label: 'ORG Music/bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Ambient' -  Release Date: '24.9.21.'-  Catalogue No: 'ORGM-2198'

Our Rating:
I should have written this review last September, but somehow this album got lost in the Unknown artist album and got overlooked. William Hooker is of course anything but an unknown artist. Every time a tune comes on my new work I-pod recently, I always have to find out what it is, having done that I realized that I should have reviewed this long ago. Well better late than never, I have chosen to review William Hookers latest album in his 45 year career as a poem, The titles of the tunes are all present at the start of each stanza. The album was recorded with a group of sympathetic musical adventurers, it's available as a double album, a single cd or a download.

Big moon by William Hooker

Stations of Power tinkles piano,

Gently running along keys softly caressed,

Tonal synthesis exercising spatial powers,

Flows towards calming balm,

Seeing space station charger port,

Right Speech bass patterns determine direction,
Handclaps signify diversity piano rises,
Haunting horns wander through tablas,
Funking flutes chased bebop horns delve deep,
Wild visions Elvin smiles down below melody,

Ring Pass Not cacophonous outpouring souls,
Watching moon through Sun Ra eyes,
Bass strolling piano dust gazing through haze,
Cows mooing among polyrhythmic percussive malaise,

Major Planetary Centres communicate tabla highway,
Cymbals shatter spatiality totality,
Ancient synth communiques along bowed string,
Portentous pink moon fever cymbal flares,
Bass tremors flutes float,

Seven Rays spectral lunar Ra creations,
Battle sounds cymbal warriors,
Talking drums chatter incessantly bass tones,
Flashes madness among cymbals piano sanity,
Raygun pulses flouting logic rolling lunar dust,

Sequence Of The Form fighting lunar battles,
Soup dragons distressed dustbin lids clatter,
Triangulations disparate craters dark side far side,
Free bop strangulations phased glissando,

Synthesis Of Understanding modules landing,
Flutes exploratory buggies race away,

New horizons new beginnings becoming clear,
Trickles space dust float fall,
Sweet resolution fine compact,
Communiques flutter gloriously,
Synthetic voices void whispering,

The Council Chamber debate talking drum,
Lunar politics involved big money,
Cadence pianistic discourse,
Descend beneath surface core question,
Horns delusion with questions dilemmas,
Is answer slowly blown flute line,

Extra-Planetary Livingness Lunar encampments,
Doors gravity free living spaces portals snare living,
Interior views lunar escarpments sound insulation,
Dancing tables float across room sphere,

The Great Lives lived within module
Bass flows kitchenalia tapping typing,
Preparations reparations Mars launch site Located,
Travelling The Spaceways un-incorporated without monorails,

All I Can Say...Human Family goodbye other planets await,
Next stop Mars, next stop Jupiter, Sirens of Titan calling,
Bass emanations into hyperspace lunar synergy,
Static interference distorting messages changing destinations,
Planet Ayler constellation Shepp calling escape Earth now.

Find out more at https://orgmusic.com/collections/vinyl-lp/products/wahobigmbl-lp https://www.facebook.com/williamhooker1974

  author: simonovitch

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