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Review: 'Dissard, Marianne'

-  Label: 'Frizz Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '9.4.22.'

Our Rating:
Rappel is Marianne Dissard's latest album, the album is all cover versions that never sound like the originals thankfully. It was mainly recorded during lockdown and remotely as she worked closely producing the album with Raphael Mann and assorted musicians including Terry Edwards and Art Terry as well as Belen Ruiz and others. Over the years Marianne has performed or worked with among others Calexico, Lunatraktors and Giant Sand.

The album opens up with the Terry Edward's sultry sax intro of Dirty Work, then Marianne's ever so seductive vocals come in to tell a tale of toxic male sexuality and the put upon life on the Au Pair, or maid to the rich and powerful while sounding a bit like Ava Cherry. I am happy to say I don't know the original and love this version of a song that was apparently by Steely Dan a band I really don't like.

Next is Marianne's take on the Janis Ian classic At Seventeen a song of all sorts of awakenings both good and bad, this is a very Jacques Brel style take on it, with a wonderful flute solo by Terry Edwards as well as some beautiful clavinet from the albums co-producer Raphael Mann, this is a really nice version.

It makes a change for someone to cover a Bobby Gentry song other than Ode to Billy Joe and in this case Marianne takes on Refractions whose production sounds like it was modelled on Nico's Lawns Of Dawn, it's sparse and slightly frightening as Marianne whispers the lyrics against all sorts of musical interjections.

Marianne's version of the Jimmy Webb written Richard Harris classic A Tramp Shining is vocally wonderfully droll as the more upbeat dirty folk-rock backing has some great guitar interplay between Raphael Mann and Naim Amor.

Give A Damn-Nests On The Ground is a very chanson style take on the Spanky And Our Gang tune, this sounds gorgeous as the message of needing to care for others is clothed in Belen Ruiz cello part and Art Terry's high backing vocals and eventually his spoken word part inspired by the tragedy of George Floyd and the dreadful events surrounding his despicable murder.

The version of Ritchie Valens Come On Let's Go has super sultry vocals set against a backing that re-calls Lou reeds Band circa Rock & Roll Heart with Terry Edwards twin sax attack really helping to emphasize all the lyrics, this is masterfully done and I could easily stick this on repeat for an hour and not get bored at how it re-invents the original.

Her take on Scott Walker's Rosemary is sparse and quite gentle, with Raphael managing to play all the instruments as the story in the lyrics slowly unfolds.

Marianne's version of War's Slipping Into Darkness is a super stark reworking stripping it back to its core and sung and played as slowly as they can, this evokes a dark plea of pain and sorrow among the carefully placed musical interjections especially the Bass drum and Claire Dugue;s Hurdy Gurdy part, this is a chilling and wonderful take on this song.

The album closes with the Townes Van Zandt classic If I Needed You sung as a lovers duet with Raphael Mann, this has some delicious strings and gently evocative acoustic guitar.

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/mariannedissard https://frizzrecords.bandcamp.com/album/rappel

  author: simonovitch

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