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Review: 'Die Welttraumforscher'

-  Label: 'Bureau B/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '19.8.22.'-  Catalogue No: 'BB420'

Our Rating:
Liederbuch is the latest collection for the now rather deep song book of Swiss band Die Welttraumforscher or The World Dream Explorer in English, as they sing about the characters in the bands world making them almost like a LARP project as they sing of the Owl Master and the Iguana Leguan Ratselmann as well as Lia and Mira from the Northern Crystal they create a rich fairy tale soundscape, as they skip through 40 years of the song book that Christian Pfluger has created alongside drawings and texts with the help of his mysterious assistants Brtz und Brxl the insect twins.

The album opens with the title song Liederbuch (Einklang) that's an atmospheric synth-based tune that has all sorts of ghostly sounds coming and going through the mix to make an eerie sound.

Traum Der Welt has speeded up chipmunk style vocals on a rather speedy synth pop song. Sie Kam Dir Und Malte Blaue Blumen is a gentle lieder style folk song with a gorgeous acoustic guitar sound that is sung very gently.

Glucklich, Traurig, Setsam is a German version of a very familiar sounding song, possibly from the compilation I reviewed last year, but this is a wonderful song whatever they are singing about this is perfect synth pop.

Goldene Barken has someone blowing their nose as a textural part of the music as this almost nursery rhyme sounding song with all sorts of weird sound effects moves along it draws you deep into the world they are creating.

This Is Neil Armstrong takes us back to the 20th anniversary of the moon landings in celebration of his being the first man on the moon, this surprisingly doesn't have any weird space noises being more of an acoustic pop ballad with an almost stylophone style synth part.
Kip Eulenmeister (Version) has harmony vocals and sparse backing on another song that without knowing what the lyrics mean sounds like it's a kid's story about the Owl Master and how he rules over his domain.

Sweet Bird is sung in English and is a rather bucolic folk song of hope for the bird's regular return to sing in your garden over a gently plucked acoustic guitar. Leguann Ratselmann builds form organic folk into a song from deep in the forest with restrained percussive elements helping to tell his tale.

Nordhaus feels like it comes from the soundtrack to a 70's European TV series like Belle & Sebastian or something similar that would be shown in the school holidays with the twin acoustic guitars driving things along as the tale of the Nordhaus unfolds.

Mitternacht is a very gentle folk song with lots of carefully plucked acoustic guitar that in places almost feels like it's being played like a harp. Das Bis Du is rather similar musically but with a more downbeat feel and what may be some melodica that comes in every now and then.

Silkenwind picks the pace up a bit and feels like they are sitting outside a chalet looking across at the alps on a cold bright morning as the wind gently envelops them and the glockenspiel starts to play.

Quittenmarmelade is a Swiss Cold Turkey for anyone with a sorrowful addiction to Marmalade, apparently getting off marmalade is worse than withdrawing from heroin, that or I have mis-interpreted the German lyrics again.

Fange Die Welle takes us back deep into the woods as the guitars whisper to us and the vocals sound like they are narrating a tale that takes a few dark turns.

Gruss Zum Mond almost has the feel of an early Bob Dylan acoustic folk song being strummed as whatever tale unfolds.

Liederbuck (Aukslang) brings the synths back to the fore as this gently leads us back out of the weird, odd world they have created and you can go back to normal life once more, this also feel in places like it's been played backwards.

Find out more at https://diewelttraumforscher.bandcamp.com/album/liederbuch https://shop.tapeterecords.com/die-welttraumforscher-liederbuch-1878

  author: simonovitch

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