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Review: 'Feu Follet'

-  Label: 'Black Jack Illuminist Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Industrial' -  Release Date: '29.7.22.'

Our Rating:
IV is as you may have guessed the fourth album by Feu Follet who comes from Nancy in France. For this album Feu Follett main man Alban Blaising has concentrated on the music and brought in guest vocalists to interpret the songs he had specifically written with them in mind. The three guests are record label boss Vlimmer (Alexander Donat), Isabelle Baumann and Pat Aubier.

This album opens with the sepulchral sounds of Intro that takes some Japanese style chiming bells and gentle synths to open things up calmly and serenely.

On The Switch (Ft Vlimmer) is goth synth pop with one eye on the dancefloor and Vlimmer's normal slightly Robert Smith style vocals, with a cool middle eight breakdown where the synth drums start the build back up this has a rather warm feel to it.

Speed Of Life (ft Isabelle B. Baumann) has very little Bowie influence on it, being a rather slinky synthpop song about how consumed we all are by the pace of change, in parts it seems to be looking for a little breathing room, more understanding of how we help each other to have a better more balanced way of living.

The Pillar (FT Pat Aubier) has swirling synths with glistening guitar lines and vocals that sound in places like they are being sung through a megaphone before they go effect free, the pulsing Modular synths have echoes of Helden.

Somebody Else (FT Vlimmer) has slow and deliberate vocals, over a synth backing that's lighter than the vocals, as the music almost sounds a bit like Blancmange or Telex as Vlimmer sings about just what happened last night and what the aftermath of those events might be.

Into The Night (ft Isabelle Baumann) this has bewitching vocals that sound a bit like Dagmar Krause singing on Babble on a delicious and far too short song.

Second Chance (ft Vlimmer) has pulsing synths and lots of stereo effects as Vlimmer explains why you might want or need a Second Chance no matter how unlikely you're getting that second Chance might be.

Under The Trees (Ft Isabelle Baumann) starts as a slow ambient piece before the drum machine kicks in and the vocals start to whisper and then sing about what happens Under The Trees almost being recited as a poem in a rather intoxicating way.

Tamamo (Ft Pat Aubier) has rather dark clouds gathering vocals, over the crystalline synths as this ode to a legendary Japanese cartoon character unfolds, as I know nothing about the Anime character, I have no idea how well this fits with her character.

The album closes with In The Depth Of The Wave (Ft Isabelle Baumann) that has double tracked vocals and some cool tambourine over the glistening synth pop as we bob and weave in the sea.

Find Out more at https://blackjackilluministrecords.bandcamp.com/album/iv https://www.facebook.com/FeuFollet54

  author: simonovitch

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