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Review: 'Like Years'

-  Label: 'Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '28.4.23.'

Our Rating:
Like Years new album is named after Like Years main man John Craig's dad's favorite word Vicissitudes. The album was mainly recorded at John Craig's home studio in Portland, while he was looking after his kids, with the drums added by Reinhard Melz at Hallowed Halls studio and engineered by Justin Phelps.

The album opens with Freeway that will sound good cruising down a Freeway on a nice sunny day, as your heading somewhere nice for some pleasure, as the lyrics suggest they are out for drive for the fun of it, something that's sadly no longer possible in London, this has some good imagery of what you can see from the road as you drive along.

Insomnia has a gently somnambulistic feel as they slowly try to send you off to the sleep you crave, but can't get, as too much is happening around you, maybe the baby is crying again. This has a gentle dreamy feel to it.

Serious has a synth pop feel with genteel scratching and a club beat, over a very 80's sounding bass line that has a Linx style feel to it, as he searches for the Intuition he needs to get you out of his head.

The title track Vicissitudes calms things down to a more dreamlike state, slowly but surely worming its way into your mind as you join in with the backing singers.

Run has a repeating guitar motif that's perfect for playing as you jog along on your peloton, the handclaps perfect for upping the pace a little bit, or for playing on your headphones as you go for that morning jog this would sound good jogging at sunrise.

The Optimist was never disappointed while listening to this tune that's wistful, gently bucolic dream pop.

Powerline is a little bit of begging and pleading for the love you crave, from the one you crave even more, so what is your Powerline, the words that will help seal the deal, getting you all you want. As the bassline has everything else built around it, the beat will help make sure you can throw a few of your special moves while waiting for a reply.

This World Is A Nightmare is a title that should resonate with just about everyone who has lived through this century so far, reviewing this a day after the Turkish earthquake only ups the ante on that sentiment, this might just about be a soundtrack for a montage of the rescue efforts.

Let's Go Outside (Cause It's Raining) might work in warm weather, when a walk in the rain would be a pleasant distraction, in much the same way as this wistful tune will be, but if there is gale blowing along with the rain it might not be such a great prospect, as the keys are played like the drops falling onto the windows with gentle pitter patter feelings, like the early tentacles of love wrapping themselves around your heartstrings.

Wavves Of Light gently pulses so you don't need any trigger warnings about the flashing lights as they are looking for answers to the deluge that's been engulfing them, as the emotional rescue they are searching for come in Wavves Of Light.

Out Of The Water takes some sounds that could have been sampled from an early 90's dance record, some synth drums and a stark piano line, lifting them Out Of The Water and giving them a good dry mix for a suitably woozy close to this album.

Find out more at https://likeyears.bandcamp.com/album/vicissitudes https://www.likeyearsmusic.com/ https://www.facebook.com/likeyearsmusic/

  author: simonovitch

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