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Review: 'Heat Inc., The'
'Live At the hope And Anchor Islington'   

-  Genre: 'Rock' -  Release Date: '26.4.23.'

Our Rating:
This show was a little warm up before The Heat Inc. kick into gear to promote the bands debut album that's out in July on Punk Fox Records. As we are in late night London we showed up fashionably late at about 7.55 to find we'd already missed the support act and The Heat Inc. were onstage just after 8.pm.

The four-piece opened with Down In The City that rumbled into life as Jon Dodd made sure we knew just how much The Heat would get to us Down In The City as Marco Simoncelli really let rip on his Gretsch White Falcon.

Polaroids this time didn't feature Jon strolling through the crowd taking snaps but was still mighty powerful, with Nicolas Rigot's bassline thundering throughout as they told us how all the endless Polaroids were affecting their lives.

Little Knuckle Charlie could have been for all the Arsenal fans suffering in the other local pubs, as this tale unfolded with Marco really letting rip and Maurizio Vitale's always super forceful drums nailing it all down.

Draw Blood For Proof is a proper brawl of a song as the guy at the centre of all the action insists the only way he'll admit anything is if you can prove it with blood work. Miss Willie Mae has some stark lyrics that Jon made sure we could really hear as Marco got low and ferocious on his solo.

Jon then encouraged us all to Get Wild something that seems harder and harder to do these days, but they want to bring back the days of wild abandon, well who can blame them, as Jon started preaching the word in the audience as well as on stage.

Your After Love Song is the bands big ballad and we really needed a sea of lighter in the air as this went totally over the top at what had gone on, why its Your After Love Song as love has indeed abandoned them.

98 was as sentimental as they get, as Jon told us all about the house, he grew up in back in 98, the things that happened there to make him who he is now.

Raptors was played as if their lives depended on it, full of pain and passion and some super tasty guitar from Marco as Nicolas flailed at his bass.

Jon asked us all if we were Incorporated a few times as they went headlong into Are you Incorporated? This takes a sideways look at corporate culture and how normal people fit into it, or more likely don't fit in.

They then closed with a super intense version of Dream Baby Dream there re-working of the Suicide classic that saw Jon roaming through the audience once more and ended with him lying on his back on the stage with Marco wringing the final notes from his guitar while kneeling down then as the guitar and bass expired Jon got up and sort of stormed off towards the toilets.

This was a great powerful set that finished early enough that we got to avoid any carnage after the footie finished and made It back to our local pub for one more beer on the way home.
  author: simonovitch

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