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Review: 'Mel Outsider Reformation, The'
'Miss Victory V'   

-  Label: 'Planet Records/Deezer/I-tunes'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '24.5.22.'

Our Rating:
Miss Victory V is the debut album by The Mel Outsider Reformation that's the latest band that Lancashire Music legend Adrian Melling who you might know from his first band the Outsiders UK or from any of the 28 albums he's produced for among others Heads Hands And Feet and Michael Chapman or from his work with Dave Honeyboy Edwards.

Adrian Melling is joined in The Mel Outsider Reformation by among others Matt Pawson, Liam McCartan, Dan Arnold, Karl Francis, Barney Boogie Williams from The Milltown Brothers, Andy Morell, as well as Hayley Gaftarnick and Ellie Coast on album stealing backing vocals.

The album opens with Disley Blonde a story song about both what he thinks of said Blonde from Disley and how he chats her up, over the slightly gospel-tinged blues rock, that has the first tasty guitar solo of the album, as well as some very cool boogie woogie piano.

Misty Colour Hotel is a blowsy blues for the sort of flop-house skid row hotel you stay in when touring on a miniscule budget, this song in praise or sorrow at such establishment is played as a full-on brass led blues rock evocation of the never-ending road and the next dismal Misty Colour Hotel you check into.

Queen Of The City is a bruised blues with some delicious organ from Milltown Brothers keyboards whizz Barnie Williams, as this breaks down we get to the heart of where he wants to take The Queen Of The City as the full bodied backing vocals from Hayley Gaftarnick and Ellie Coast really make the tune.

Miss Victory V is about a mind blowing one night stand with the never to be forgotten Miss Victory V as the brass section add a soulful edge as the funky guitar part keeps repeating as he still can't get his head round that night.

Remake Remodel is a great slice of blues soul for transformation, the need to move on and make a new life in a new town, something you'll do no matter what obstacles are in your way.

Much More Than A Three Chord Wonder is a slowly building soul stirrer for someone who has bothered to encourage Mel in his endeavors, so he knows he can pull of a full bodied album like this one, as they do there best to recreate the Muscle Shoals sound in Accrington.

Iron Age opens with the nastiest sounding guitar on the album, giving way to a steady beat and Mel's Iron Age tale of digging for gold trading bitcoin in Leicester, that sounds preferable to living in Joy Division's Ice Age, as that dirty guitar comes back in to battle against the sax towards the end.

Bikini Diet Plan is slow thought-provoking song about heritage, how it affects you, not sure what it has to do with Bikini's or Diets though.

Education has more of an indie rock edge to it, as this powerful song in praise of the need for education, but not necessarily of the kind you get in schools, more from life's lessons and talking to people you meet along the way.

S Bend Phantom is strident blues soul belter for someone Mel needs to apologize too, only he has no clue what the guy is called other than the S Bend Phantom.

Real Go Getter is a song for one of those people who are always chasing the next pot of gold, or even asking to sing Mel's song.

Knock Em Up Jack is for me the best tune on the album, this is a great blues rocker for a band on the road, playing the classics like Sweet Jane as they barrel down the East Lanc's road, this is super catchy and easily stands repeated plays, love the organ and just about everything about this song, that is perfect for drive time radio, with its Stonesy bluster just the right side of tribute rather than parody.

The album closes with Bad Boogaloo that of course has some Baaad Boogaloo guitar, as those keyboards add just the right edge to this tune to shuffle off into the night to get away from all the crazies as he gives shout outs to among others Ramsey Lewis.

Find out more at https://listen.lt/TheMelOutsiderReformationMissVictoryV https://www.meloutsider.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/TheMelOutsiderReformation

  author: simonovitch

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