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Review: 'Sundreams and Angus McOg'
'Live At Biddle Bros, Clapton'   

-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '6.5.23.'

Our Rating:
This was a Leninist Coronation Party or something along those lines led by Italians Angus McOg who are still as obsessed with Scottish indie music as they were the last time I saw them 4 years ago, this time they are over promoting the bands new album Cirrus.

The four-piece opened with the gentle intro of Cirrus scattering careful notes across Biddle Bros as Antonio Tavoni made sure the rain spattered streets were evoked through the lyrics as well.

Lou felt like it was leading the way towards a brighter day as Enrico Pasini's piano lines seem to take over with a delicacy that accentuated all the vocals nicely. For Anorak Luca Torregianni switched his drumsticks for mallets that helped him to get a sort of hushed sound that worked perfectly with Enrico's trumpet part, as they searched for the beauty.

Currents kept things slow thoughtful almost ponderous as those mallets built a crescendo. Parts took us back to 1968 as Luca switched back to drumsticks and Antonio strapped on his electric guitar to weave some magic against the Chet Baker inflected trumpet parts.

Chances saw Antonio switch to the piano and Enrico pick up his tambourine as well as his trumpet as they got almost kind of bluesy in places. Between The Lines was more swapping of instruments and was rather sinuous. Luca switched back to the mallets for Sirens that felt like they were stretching out ready for the 24-hour show Antonio sang about.

Angus McOg's set closed with first a long intro and explanation for how Communist Party Party makes sense in Italy in ways it doesn't in the UK or even more so the USA before the bands most raucous and upbeat song let rip and it really did feel like they'd brought the party atmosphere to East London.

Next on were Sundreams a new four piece from East London who were playing there first ever full band show which is why I'm guessing at what they played as they opened slowly and tentatively with a song that the female singer was telling someone that As Long As You Still move she'll still be yours.

Run At The Waves had a very gently funky edge to it's fey indie moves. Endless Wanderer is a song of yearning for someone with that endless need to always be on the road to the next place the next destination. The next song that was based around the old gospel tune Peace In The Valley had some good harmony vocals and the two guitarists were working well together.

The next song had a bit of a morose edge to it as they told us all the things we needed to Stop before they closed with the bands single The City Is Ours that was a good anthemic way to end the evening.
  author: simonovitch

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