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Review: 'Station 17'
'Oui Bitte'   

-  Label: 'Bureau B/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Pop' -  Release Date: '19.5.23.'

Our Rating:
Oui Bitte is the 11th album by Station 17 and was recorded in the hills of Hohe Geest in Schleswig Holstein and then played the same day at Fabrik in Hamburg by the 8-piece band. Before being polished and made ready for our eager ears.

The album opens with 20.000 Milen Unter Dem Mond that takes us deep into the world of Jules Verne with some sonar pules within the brittle indie pop instrumental that's part Love Tractor, part Holloys style deep dive shoegaze.

Hausmann has the sort of rigid structure and clean lines that Hausmann employed in his redesign of Paris, this is glacial synth pop, glistening down the boulevard, marveling at the classical architecture, wondering where the modern pop sounds fit in.

Pusch is seemingly in tribute to Jamie Oliver as the chorus of Bish Bash Bosh repeats over and over thankfully nowhere near any beer halls, this is far more cafe society gently caressing funky pop to eat some real good nosh too, carefully contrived guitar lines with an airy trumpet that comes and goes.

Der Monat is bright pastel shades with lyrics that may or may not be about Hector Zazou as the guitar lines rise the spectral awakening begins in time for you to shimmy across the dancefloor falling into each other's arms once more.

Bewegung opens with birdsong set against brittle beats before Birgit Hohnen's disembodied vocals drift through the mix as the synth's brings gentle clusters of sound around the vocal sample, of the dear departed Birgit who encourages us to move our minds as well as our bodies.

Aufgehoben seems to take the titles Hegelian sense as the tune preserves its melody as the adornments change, so you have a delicate guitar line and repeating strings that the vocals go over as it evolves into a very gentle strut.

The album closes with Das Rasen that sees them rushing through the bullrushes with whispered vocals intoning as the guitars repeat while evolving in an organic way over the synths and gently persistent drumming as it pulses like the water rushing by along the riverbank.

Find out more at https://shop.tapeterecords.com/station-17-oui-bitte-3814 https://station17.bandcamp.com/album/oui-bitte?label=1760336028&tab=music https://www.facebook.com/Station17.bandpage

  author: simonovitch

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