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Review: 'MILES, LYNN'

-  Label: 'True North Records'
-  Genre: 'Alt/Country' -  Release Date: '7th April 2023'-  Catalogue No: 'TND802'

Our Rating:
Lynn Miles is one of Canada’s most prolific songwriters, having written more than 900 songs and released 15 albums.

The songs on her 16th album, are plainly influenced by the trauma of life under the shadow of the pandemic. Miles says: “These are songs that arrive at a moment when global instability illuminated the fragility of personal relationships.

It’s an album about searching for completeness and meaningful connections. The tumbleweedyworld she inhabits is centred on living with the push and pull of diverse emotions. She sings o wanting to be alone but feeling lonesome, of being driven to hit the road yet fearful of being rootless.The unpredictability that goes with such contrasts is succinctly nailed in Moody : “some days I’m a mess, some days I’m just fine.”

She addresses the doubts and dilemmas that are part and parcel of loving relationships.Endings are painful (All Bitter Never Sweet) and sometimes you miss someone but not enough to want to return and start over (Highway 105). On Night Owl she sings of the difficulty of finding a significant other to share her nocturnal ways. The title Sorry’s Just Not Good Enough is self-explanatory.

The bluegrass-style arrangements reference traditional country but Miles has close affinities with mainstream pop. Strong hooks and clear, unfussy vocals give the songs a straightforward accessibly.     

Lynn Miles’ website

  author: Martin Raybould

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MILES, LYNN - TumbleWeedyWorld