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Review: 'Curse Of K.K. Hammond,The'
'Death Roll Blues'   

-  Label: 'Thecurseofkkhammond.com/Deezer'
-  Genre: 'Blues' -  Release Date: '31.3.23.'

Our Rating:
Death Roll Blues is the new album by Buckinghamshire based Blues sensation The Curse Of K.K. Hammond a reclusive Blues woman who loves Resophonic Guitars while living deep in the back woods of Buckinghamshire rather than Tennesse or Arkansas have led The Curse Of K.K. Hammond to becoming an Instagram Blues legend.

The album opens with the short intro of Swamp Thing that welcomes you into the deep Buckinghamshire bayou world of The Curse Of K.K. Hammond.

Death Roll Blues (Feat David & The Devil) is deep swampy blues, sparse guitar and spare percussion with David's backing vocals and handclaps working with K.K. Hammond's slow dark vocals sounding like they are being sung through a valve microphone as she sinks deep into the waters.

What's The Weatherman Done? Is slow gospel-tinged blues asking what the Weatherman's been up to, is she singing about the TV Weatherman or a member of the Weather Underground taking another action against the US government, as the resonating guitar is picked carefully on this pitch-black song for the coming storms.

Anhedonia is a blues for the modern dystopia, a slow dark wail of pain for all the abuse, sadness pain seen in K.K. by her mum, as she sees all the pain of the fake news surrounding her on a song that could have been recorded at any point since about 1934 or so, as she wants to wash her blues away with some codeine.

Mister Apology is a song about an answerphone service that allows criminals to phone up and leave anonymous confessions for their crimes, this takes a sideways look at the nature of those apologies and asks if it really helps anyone, this has more percussion and handclaps set Against the resophonic guitar.

The Bone Collector opens with slowly picked guitar leading us into the world of The Bone Collector this is darker than the film of the same name, taking us into an ossuary looked after by The Bone Collector who wishes to sell your very bones.

In The Dirty South is a sales pitch for the kind of operator who can get you anything you need, no matter how odd the request, as the woman at the heart of this tale tries to avoid the murderous man who wants to show her the worst side of The Dirty South. The lyrics to this go as dark as dark can be.

Don't Sell Your Sunshine For A Knife is sage advice, for a song that could have been written by Victoria Spivey or Skip James for where that Knife blade is going to strike symbolic of the rapist being avenged for striking on the ranch next door.

'Til Death is the last words and testament of someone with a hatchet in their head, K.K. is not a woman to cross lightly, the tones of the guitar imbued with the pain and sorrow of what went on as to why she put the hatchet in your head.

Memento Mori it's the middle of the night in the wilds in Buckinghamshire, your smoking cigars, slowly chewing the fat an air of despair for the end of the long chase, a final showdown as you plead for your life, one more chance, a last will and testament blues before she turns your lights out, just before The Swamp Thing Returns us to the burbling swamp once more, you may well have to hit play again as it really needs a few listens.

Find out more https://www.instagram.com/thecurseofkkhammond/ https://www.facebook.com/TheCurseOfKKHammond https://ffm.to/1rwvpev.OIS

  author: simonovitch

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