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Review: 'Jody & The Jerms'

-  Label: 'JATJ Records/Bandcamp'
-  Genre: 'Indie' -  Release Date: '21.4.23.'

Our Rating:
Wonder is the third album by Oxford based Jangle pop act Jody & The Jerms who recorded this album at OX4 Sound Studios with Mark Gardener. Jody and Niall Jeger form the core of the band and the other Jerms are also members of The Anydays The album is out on Pretty Pink Vinyl.

The album opens with Started Something a fresh sounding indie pop song that hopes they will finally be able to finish something once they've started it, while reminding me of Fairground Attraction.

Counting Dreams wonders if the ex-boyfriend she's singing about might be her worst dream, or her best distraction on a song that recalls The Sundays, this has a wistful edge.

Safe is a jangly Safe space to keep out of all the stormy weather, Jody will help you survive with pleasant melodies and gently intoxicating harmonies to keep you together.

The Harder I Try has a Red Guitars influence to the music, as this song of the struggles to make things work, trying not to fall too far.

Intuition sounds like it could have been on any of the Sarah Records re-issues I've reviewed in the last year or two, this is a kitchen sink drama, jangle pop break up song, as the betrayal reveals itself.

Last One Standing is super sweet kiss off, the end of the line power pop song that sounds achingly familiar yet fresh and new.

Just for Show is more upbeat keyboard led Lush like jangly guitars punctuate Jody's list of problems, it's why she's out the door, wondering why you only ever want her when she's not there.
Insatiable has a slight country twang, with a Kirsty Maccoll sardonic edge, as she lets you know you should treat her as she deserves.

Don't Look Back Eleanor McEvoy's creeping up behind you, asking for her tune back, this slow reflective song has delicious acoustic guitars and brushed drums, just don't have any regrets.

Waves is getting hot under the collar as you whisper her name, she just melts jangle sweetness. Bare has a cool brass section for this jaunty Heavenly style love gone awry once more song, this is sophisticated domestic suburban pop.

Get Your Feet Out Of My Shoes is a reasonably faithful cover of The Boothill Foot-Tappers classic a song that was always a massive hoe-down when I saw them live back in the day, great to hear a cover of this song as good as this is.

Find Out More https://jodyandthejerms.ffm.to/wonder https://jodyandthejerms.bandcamp.com/album/wonder
https://jodyandthejerms.com/ https://www.facebook.com/jodyandthejerms

  author: simonovitch

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